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30 Jul, 2020

It’s been a busy few months for us here at MakeMeReach as we’ve added more features to make our platform even more powerful and user-friendly. We wanted to give you a peek at all of the new and improved features we’ve rolled out to help you improve performance, collaborate more efficiently, and more. 

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Advertise on TikTok

tiktok logoOur biggest news is that we have integrated a whole new network on MakeMeReach. Now that we are a TikTok Marketing Partner, customers can set up their TikTok ads directly on MakeMeReach. At the same time, users benefit from the many powerful platform features like cross-network reporting and dashboards to have better visibility over TikTok ad performance—and to see that performance as part of the big picture of their digital advertising. 

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Collaboration and control

Workflows in Media Planning

Workflows allow you to set a group of tasks and roles in your media plan, so you can better control and manage all activities within the media plan. Once you have applied a Workflow to your media plan, you'll be able to see your most important deadlines in the calendar view and receive reminders so that you can always be on top of the execution of your media plan!

Do even more with collaboration features 

linked-teamIn the Collaboration spaces of the platform, you'll now see when you have unread messages, so that you can always stay up to date with your conversations. 

Additionally, when using our Media Planning tool, you'll see who's online and working on the same Media Plan. If another user makes changes to the Media Plan while you’re connected, you'll receive a notification to refresh the page so that you can have the latest version and be always synchronized with your team.

Increase your productivity

Add extra information to your Media Plan

One of the main objectives of the MakeMeReach Media Planning module is to centralize all information and exchanges during the planning and execution of your marketing strategy. This module now lets you link your audiences and assets such as videos or images that you are planning to use in your campaigns, so that you can have the most complete and accurate information ready for the moment when you have to launch your campaigns.

Media plan versioning

This module now gives you the possibility to save different versions of your media plan when you are in draft mode, letting you compare versions so you can find the one that fits best with your marketing plan before validation.

Improvements to campaign creation and editing

creation-flowWe’ve improved the search options available to you when you’re looking for your best creative while creating a campaign. Posts can now be found by names, for example. Post names are automatically assigned based on the name of the file that you used to create your ad, they can be edited later on if needed, and they can be used as part of your naming and tracking conventions.

We have also revamped the actions that you can perform directly from MakeMeReach in your Snapchat campaigns. Actions can be applied in bulk as usual and will help you to gain in efficiency, eliminating the need for you to leave the MakeMeReach interface to apply changes in the native tool.

Advanced reporting

Merging common metrics across networks

KPI-1We have added new metrics to the list of those that can be used as the same KPI across different networks. Some examples of those metrics include reach, video views, app install and purchase. This means that you can now create clearer reports to compare performance when running multi-network campaigns in MakeMeReach.

Period comparison in a line graph

You can now compare up to 4 KPIs in different time periods in the Line Chart widget. The platform offers shortcuts to compare the selected period with the previous period, the previous month and the previous year. This functionality is available for all networks supported in the MakeMeReach reporting.

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