What’s new on MakeMeReach in 2020 so far

9 Apr, 2020

Behind the scenes here at MakeMeReach, we’re constantly working to bring more value to your online ads. We’re committed to simplifying collaboration and productivity, helping you drive better performance across the board, and delivering world-class reporting that helps you track your ads performances across networks at a glance. Over the past several months, we’ve rolled out a bunch of new features and improvements, and we didn’t want to keep the most important news for ourselves.

Read on to see what’s new and improved here at MakeMeReach since the beginning of 2020. 




We aim to make it easier and easier to collaborate within and across teams. We’ve built out existing features and developed new ones to facilitate collaboration.

Get email notifications

Now you can get platform notifications delivered straight to your email. This can be especially useful if you want to receive an email when someone tags you in a comment in the collaboration tab of the Media Plan and campaign reports.

email notifications


Chat through a sharable link

Now even users without access to the MakeMeReach platform can contribute to your Media Plan. When you share your media plan through a dedicated link, the person receiving that link will be able to create a temporary user to write new messages and replies. This is practical for an agency asking for client feedback on a media plan, for example. 

Attach comments to your campaigns

Write down insights to your future self, or ask your colleagues a question about campaign performance. Comments can be accessed from the widgets in your dashboards or in the Collaboration tab of your campaign reports.



Increase your productivity

We’re all about helping you save time with your digital advertising, from planning to set-up to reporting. We’ve added more features to help you work more efficiently. 

Tracking automation for Twitter & Snapchat

The tracking automation capabilities that we have for Facebook are now available on more networks. It’s another reason using Snapchat and Twitter is better on MakeMeReach. 

Column templates in Media Planning

You can now add more columns to the lines of your media plan and create templates to reuse them in all media plans for the same brand. Column templates are helpful in letting you include additional information on your campaigns, such as keywords used in the targeting, age, type of creatives, and more.

media plan columns



Improve performance

Helping advertisers achieve better performance through advanced tools is our number one goal. We’ve added features to help you reach your advertising goals. 

AI recommendations for Snapchat

The MakeMeReach AI tool gives you specific, actionable recommendations on how to optimize your campaigns across networks in a couple of clicks. The AI module is now trained to give you recommendations for Snapchat campaigns. To start receiving recommendations for Snapchat you just need to create a brand that contains a Snapchat ad account and that's it!

Polls in Instagram Stories Ads

We have updated the creation of Instagram story ads in our platform so that you could create interactive stories directly from MakeMeReach. This is a great way to get users to actively interact with your ads. Polls are available for the following objectives: Brand awareness, Reach, Traffic, App installs, Video views, Lead generation, Conversion, and Store traffic.

IG polls

Create ads with Snapchat filters

Filters are unique overlays that can be applied over a Snap for an artistic effect, and they have proven to be very effective for some advertisers. Now you can create your filter ads directly in MakeMeReach!

Story ads for Snapchat

snap storyA Story Ad is a format that displays a sequence of Snaps from the discover feed section of Snapchat. Now you can set up your Story Ads directly in MakeMeReach, with some added value: you can extract the performance of each individual Snap. Story Ads are compatible with App install, Website conversion and Awareness objectives.

Buy tickets CTA for Facebook

You now have the possibility to use the CTA "Buy Tickets" for traffic and website conversions in Facebook campaigns. This CTA can be quite useful to promote events—and it isn’t available by default in FB ads manager, which means this is a unique opportunity that you'll have on MakeMeReach! We know that given the current public health situation, many businesses can’t use this CTA except in the case of virtual events. But the “Buy Tickets” CTA is ready and waiting for you as your business prepares for the bounce-back. 

report-onlineAdvanced reporting

On MakeMeReach, you have access to all of your campaign data from across networks in one place. These new features increase the number of ways you can slide and dice your data, in exactly the way you need.

Text box widget

widget types

Now when creating widgets you'll find a new widget type called Text box. This new widget allows you to have a space to write text in your dashboards, for example to provide explanations to your customers or your colleagues. The text can use enriched formatting options such as bolds, italics, bullet points, etc.

More flexible period breakdowns

Now you can group the stats of your campaigns by day, week, day of the week, month, quarter, year, and month of the year in the MakeMeReach Campaign Reports. This allows you to better analyze campaign performance, and it’s available for the ad accounts of all the networks that you have connected to our platform, going beyond what some of the native tools can do. 

Find and replace for Facebook

We upgraded the rename functionality of the platform so you can find and replace parts of the name of your assets (instead of re-writing the full name). This option is available at the campaign, ad set and ad level, and it’s cross ad account, meaning you can apply a change to elements of different ad accounts at the same time.

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